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Social Media Marketing and Video Production for Your Small Business Needs

What We Do

Brand Awareness

In a digital age where slowly but surely everything is moving into the digital world. Your business/brand needs to be digital! We focus on accurately and authentically presenting your service or product to your digital audience.


Whether you need help coming up with a creative video idea or you just need someone to produce your masterpiece. A.S.K Entertainment and Media thrives to be you one-stop online marketing and video production provider.


With a great product or service people need to know about you! One of the most effective ways to do so is through Social Media. We take the most up-to-date strategies and practices and use them to get the word out.  

Friends We've Helped

One of the first of it's kind, TherapyCable brings healthcare to the online world. With over 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and thousands of views. A.S.K Entertainment and Media has helped with content creation, video recording, video editing, online video marketing, social media marekting consultation, audio editing, and podcast management.  

Frances Dilorinzo

"Comedian Frances Dilorinzo #DoesItAll Frances is a spontaneous and relatable professional comedian who proves intelligent women don’t have to be stuffy. She delivers a thought provoking joke one moment and then an uninhibited physical punchline the next!" A.S.K Entertainment and Media has helped Frances with social media marketing consultation, social media marketing and management, and website creation and design.

Natalia Trotter

Fitness, health, and motivational coach, Natalia Trotter has transformed her body and her way life and is looking to help others achieve the same. A.S.K Entertainment and Media has helped Natalia with logo creation and design, video editing, and social media marketing consultation for her upcoming brand "Girls Built to be Fit." 

Its Od Comedy

Although I am the CEO of A.S.K Entertainment and Media, this is where it all started. With a dream of entertaining others I accidentally feel in love with the world of social media and online marketing. With over 10,000 followers on instagram and over 100 subscribers on YouTube. A.S.K Entertainment and Media has done it all for Its Od Comedy content creation, video production, online marketing, audio production, social media marketing and management, and much more!

What Our Friends Are Saying:

I must point out how impressed I was with A.S.K Entertainment and Media right from the start. Odi Martinez (trusted advisor) was very attentive, patient and working fast on my project. His communication skills are also something to be proud of. Again, he responded fast to any changes I had to make on my project along the way. His work looks very professional. If you are looking for quality work and great rates in one person, look no further, A.S.K Entertainment and Media is your go-to social media marketing and video production expert. He even took his time to answer more questions, which were related to a different areas of my social media marketing needs. I am very satisfied with your work. Thank you Odi!

Natalia Trotter // Girls Built to be Fit

Start Building Your Brand Presence

Sometimes it's difficult to hire the right people to get a job done. It's just as difficult to find a trustworthy babysitter, to care for your baby. That's why we are making it easy for you, with a FREE consultation you can make sure we are the right fit to care for your "baby."

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